Responsible Tourism


We are a LOCAL company working WITH & FOR OUR PEOPLE!
Tourism is like fire - you can cook your dinner on it, or it can burn your house down
Some big Tour Operators control destination-based accommodation and transport, employ overseas staff, import food, and provide all inclusive holidays during which guests never leave the hotel - this means that up to 75% of the cost of some holidays stays in the country of origin rather than benefiting local people in Peru; one of World’s poorest countries. 

Delivering Gifts at a Kindergarden
Too often tourists are unaware of the impacts of their behavior on sensitive local cultures. While it is your holiday it is somebody else’s home. Tourism developments can pollute the environment, and use vast quantities of precious resources such as water and firewood. Sadly, tourist trade in endangered species, hardwoods, and ancient artifacts threatens our natural and cultural heritage. Tourists are increasing getting fed up with pre-packaged, over sanitized holidays that provide few opportunities to meet local people on their terms, or to enjoy wildlife and the environment without feeling like they are contributing to its destruction. Our Responsible Travel Policy provides equitable exchanges of culture, respect and wisdom with local people. It is about a warmer welcome from local people who are benefiting from tourism; about providing visitors with better insights into local environments and cultures through the knowledge of local guides; and about knowing that income from your visit will help local communities to conserve the special places, cultures and wildlife that you have enjoyed as a visitor.

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